7 Reasons To Choose Edible Arrangements Over Flowers… And How To Save Money When You Do

Edible Arrangements have become one of the most popular and unique gifts in recentyears. While they have not replaced traditional flowers, the company is not exactly trying to replace a favorite… but create a new way for the special people in your life to enjoy delivered items right to their door.

Though still a fairly young company, Edible Arrangements is making a name for itself and has quickly become a household name. Today, Edible Arrangements is one of the most popular companies in America and has even branched out to include Edible To Go, a smoothie style stand for enjoying fresh fruits and sweet coffee creations on the road.

If you are considering sending an arrangement for a friend or family member, here are several ways to find a money-saving coupon for Edible Arrangements and ways to take advantage of deals throughout the year…

Visit Coupon Sites
Countless coupon sites across the web can help you to find a coupon for Edible Arrangements. While coupons for the company are a dime a dozen, some months it can be more difficult than others to find a working code. You may need to try multiple codes before you find one that works.

Join Their Email List
When you visit Ediblearrangements.com, a pop-up window will appear offering you a special deal if you sign up for the company’s email list. Among these deals are a $5 off deal although the deals often rotate, providing even better deals during different times of the year. Not only will you get an instant deal for use on your next purchase, but you will also receive emails straight to your inbox to help you save even more money throughout the year. Remember to check your spam box as sometimes these kinds of promotions end up in the trash bin.

Jot Down Television Codes
Sometimes Edible Arrangement commercials will provide a code that can be used to save a percentage off of your order. Keep a pen and paper handy. While they do not always offer a code, many times they do and you can save this code to use at a later date especially if you have a special occasion coming up.

Shop During Special Sales and Holidays
Companies often offer more specials during times when they make more sales. This helps to even out their profits and not effect their bottom line. Because of this, you will be more likely to get a great deal around holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, times when arrangements like these are in higher demand.

You can take advantage of these holiday offers by sending arrangements a week or two early when birthdays fall around a popular holiday. This can help you to get a bargain on gifts for birthdays and show friends and family that you remember their special day even days in advance. That is what they call a real win/win.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping
Edible Arrangements routinely offers free shipping with certain purchase amounts, but sometimes they offer it on any order. If you are planning on spending a specific amount at Edible Arrangements, you may be able to snag free shipping. Likewise, if you are not shopping for a specific holiday, you may wish to wait until the site offers free shipping on any order to help you save the most money on your purchase.

Order in Advance to Knock Out Gifts and Capitalize on Deals
Edible Arrangements allows you to place orders days, weeks and even months in advance. If you have a period of time where you make extra money, you can go ahead and snag several gifts at once, setting them up to arrive at a later date so that you can save money and get your shopping done early. Try to do this on a holiday when sales, free shipping, and coupons are at all-time highs for the company.
Edible Arrangements are great options for any occasion… or no occasion at all. From birthdays to anniversaries and just little pick me ups throughout the year, Edible Arrangements is there to help you celebrate life’s sweetest moments and make them just a little bit sweeter.