FatCow: Best Web Hosting Company

While doing business on the internet, it may not be easy to get the right tools to ensure that your website gets the traffic and business it needs. If you have a bad hosting provider, you may face a lot of issues such as your website going offline, poor customer service and your site not working properly due to the absence of WordPress, PHP or other programs that you need for your website to function well. To avoid such issues that can spell doom for your enterprise, it is essential to have a good web host provider.

FatCow Web Hosting

FatCow is the perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable and reliable web hosting products that offer real business value. It was established in 1998 and has grown exponentially over the years. It is one of the most well-known shared web hosting companies and has several advantages.

Single Hosting Plan

FatCow is the best solution for personal hosting as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. As a company policy, it offers only one hosting plan to its clients. It adds features and updates the plan from time to time to accommodate the requirements of the customers. The single plan helps streamline the hosting management and technical support. Even though there is only one hosting plan, customers can rest assured that it offers several features.

The provider offers free instant setup, free domain, free script barn and free website builder among other things. There is also unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, MySQL database and much more. When a user purchases a package from FatCow, the account is set up and accessible within a short span of time. However, it takes around a day or two for the domain to become available as the DNS servers take that much time to update worldwide.

The user is provided a control panel that allows them total control over every aspect of their website. The user can set up several databases, email addresses and the installation of software packages such as shopping carts and forums can be done quickly.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is a high priority for the company. Unlike other hosting providers, the company ensures that the services that its customers receive after a sale are as good as what they get before a sale. The company has an efficient help desk that ensures that your support issue is logged in and a ticket number is given. There is 24/7 support. It is reassuring to know that you can procure help anytime that you want.

High Security

Like any other hosting company, FatCow ensures that its servers are equipped with the latest security updates and patches to their software. They also provide several ways to ensure that your domain and website are safe from intruders. The company uses a load-balanced platform that has a backup generator system for maximum uptime so that customers can know that their website is safe.

Customer Reviews

Many users opine that FatCow is undoubtedly one of the best hosting companies out there. It’s a great choice for people who want to host several websites that get either medium or low traffic. They also provide good discounts and are therefore highly recommended.

FatCow only seems to be getting better with passing time. They are continuously raising their standards as their customers continue to multiply. The company has made a lot of progress in the last few years and has been increasingly drawing new customers. It continues to be one of the best web hosting companies due to its outstanding performance.

If you are on the lookout for a genuinely reliable web hosting provider, FatCow should definitely be on your list. However, before you sign up with the company, it is good to do your research. There are several online reviews about the company that will help you know better about it. You can also discuss with your friends and family about their experience of FatCow if they have used it. Doing your homework beforehand will help you know what to expect and how to get the maximum value for your purchase.

The company occasionally offers discounts by giving FatCow coupon codes. You can find the promo code for FatCow on the front page of the hosting. You can avail the discounts and save quite a bit on your web hosting expenses.