What Does Madvapes Offer

The history of electronic cigarettes dates back to the early 1960s when an American patented a non-tobacco smokeless cigarette. E-cigs have evolved a lot since then, with numerous companies from different parts of the world manufacturing them and their accessories. However, not all of them provide the same vaping experience as those manufactured by a few reputable companies, mostly based in America. Madvapes, an American company, is arguably one of the top manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and its accessories in the world. No doubt, you have to pay more for their than those imported from third world countries, but e-cigs by Madvapes offer a richer vaping experience and do not wear out as quickly as the Chinese products do. If this is not enough, there are countless stories of imported digital cigarettes blowing up in the face of the user because of the poor quality components used to manufacture them. The e-juices imported from overseas and sold at a premium rarely provide the flavor or nicotine strength mentioned on their label.

The initial experience is important
This leaves a bad experience in the mind of those switching over to e-cigs for the first time. Electronic cigarettes are safer than their traditional counterparts are, because they provide smoking pleasure to users without subjecting them to poisonous tar along with hazardous and toxic chemical compounds, typically found in cigarette fumes. Although the fumes of e-cigs do not contain these poisonous chemical compounds, they do have nicotine, the chemical compound responsible for causing addiction to cigarettes. Unfortunately, most persons, planning to switch over to digital cigarettes, lured by low prices, often end up purchasing imported e-cigs that do not provide them with the smoking experience they desire. This is why you should only opt for e-cigs and accessories manufactured and marketed by Madvapes. You can rest assured that you will never opt for any other brand again once you have experienced the pleasure their e-cigs provide.

Browse the Madvapes website
The sheer volume of products offered by Madvapes will amaze you. You can either use their internal search engine to find whatever you require, or use the handy navigation bar at the top of their site. You will be surprised when you visit their E-liquid section, which contains e-juices manufactured by leading brands such as:

• Delicious
• Appalachian Steam,
• Charlie’s Chalk Dust
• Cloud Commander
• Henley
• Habu Vapor
• Invader Vapor

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as Madvapes offers E-liquids manufactured by more than 65 reputable companies. This ensures that you are sure to find your requirements from their vast range. However, those who plan to switch over to e-cigarettes for the first time might find these names confusing. Such individuals ought to check the flavors section of E-Juices where they will find common and exotic flavors sorted under headings such as:

• Tobacco
• Mint
• Fruit
• Beverages
• Candy
• Desert
• Cereal
• Other

Clicking on any of these options will redirect the browser to a different page containing numerous options under that specific flavor group. For example, the `tobacco’ section contains flavors such as:

• Spiced Pipe
• Very Berry Tobacco
• Sweet Carolina
• Menthol Tobacco

Do not forget to check the left panel of the page as it provides you with details of their top selling products. E-cigarettes apart, Madvapes offers other related products including:

• Kits & Bundles (inclusive of starter, beginner, and advanced)
• Mods & Batteries (various types and configurations available)
• Tanks and Rebuildables (bottom coil, top coil, cartomizer)
• Replacement Coils (wick & wire, bottom coil, top coil)
• Accessories (cases, displays, USB cables)

You should also check out their `new’ section that provides you with information and prices of the latest offerings by Madvapes. Do not forget to visit their `sale’ and `under a buck’ sections as they offer you the opportunity to purchase specific products at bargain basement prices. You can save more money while purchasing e-cigarettes and related accessories from Madvapes with the help of coupon for Madvapes. Found on many websites, these coupons contain alphanumerical codes, typically applied during checkout, to reduce the prices of certain products by an amount specified on sites offering a coupon for Madvapes. If you want to protect your life and that of your family members against the toxic fumes of traditional cigarettes, head to Madvapes, the leader in electronic cigarettes, and enjoy your addiction to nicotine without inhaling carcinogenic fumes.